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Are your advertisements sending the right message? Before you spend time and money developing new ads and running expensive campaigns, test out your ideas. Our Ad/Copy Testing survey template was designed by experts to help you quickly gain insights from your target market before you launch a new campaign. Easily upload multiple ads, designs, and new messaging to the survey template. Next, send the survey to see which ads and messaging resonate with your target market and influence purchase intent. See survey results in real time, using the data for an informed approach to marketing spend.

Expose your target customers to your ad ideas and get fast, reliable feedback. Do they like it? How unique is the ad? Is the message clear? Does it influence their purchase intent? Use the feedback you receive to refine your creative or messaging before you invest in local or national execution. This survey template works great with our A/B test feature so you can compare results for multiple versions of your ads. You can also make changes to the survey template to meet your needs.

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