Powerful Software for Training Operations
Powerful integrations and developer resources allow Administrate to integrate training with core business systems.
Plan, solve, and book complex training schedules for an entire quarter with just a few clicks.
Automate communications to learners and instructors - including email and SMS messaging.
Deliver training in any modality but manage all of your courses in a single location.

The Administrate platform connects learning technology to core business systems, unlocks the potential of training data, and allows you to automate, optimize, and streamline training functions that drain your time.

Manage Complex Training Schedules

Set up a catalog of customized, reusable courses (including ILT, eLearning, and blended learning) and schedule classes - even for an entire quarter - in just a few clicks. Administrate finds the most optimized schedule using your inputs, such as instructor availability, shift work constraints, and resource requirements.

Boost Training Engagement with Learning Paths 

Build learning paths for students that combine content, courses, and objectives into a seamless learning journey. Track their progress and share it with their managers, while automating badging, certificates, and awards. 

Built-in LMS, or Use Your Own

Administrate has a built-in customisable, responsive, multilingual LMS or use your own. It is easy to connect existing learning technology to Administrate.

Advanced Reporting and Data Insights

Use Administrate’s no-code reporting engine to show your impact. Access 100% of your training data through two-way integrations with other systems, so you can make accurate, repeatable decisions.

Configurable Platform for Training Operations

Administrate connects existing learning technology to core business systems with out-of-the-box integrations, or use our open API to build your own.