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Extract actionable insight from free form answers

Customer verbatims are the most powerful form of feedback. They allow you to uncover drivers behind your Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction or Customer Effort Scores but they can be a pain at scale. Chattermill deploys an advanced neural networks model tailored to your specific data and digests messy qualitative data into clear quantiative insights for your entire team. Our model extracts key drivers behind your customer experience and their sentiment in near real time.

All Your Feedback In One Place

Chattermill integrates with all of your customer feedback channels including all of your SurveyMonkey surveys. We gather and analyse the data in real time meaning you don't need spreadsheets or slides to deliver insights from across your customer journey to the right stakeholder.

World's Most Advanced Customer Experience Dashboard 

Our dashboard was built specifically for extracting insights from free form feedback. You can slice and dice your data using the themes we uncovered or your customer attributes (including Custom Variables from SurveyMonkey) to find the right level of insight. Any chart allows you to go to raw feedback in one click when you need to get deeper.

SurveyMonkey Integration

SurveyMonkey users use Chattermill to stream their Net Promoter Score, CSAT and other surveys containing a free form element where they need to understand the key drivers. The integration is very light touch, you log in with your SurveyMonkey account, tell us which surveys we should connect with and we take care of everything else. Reach out to your Chattermill Account Manager to enable the SurveyMonkey integration.

We only pull the data you tell us from your SurveyMonkey surveys.


Connect with all of the major sources of customer feedback including SurveyMonkey, Zendesk and TrustPilot.
Best in class text analytics using deep learning
Flexible dashboard built for customer feedback
Invite your team to work on customer experience together


You will need a basic subscription to Chattermill to utilise the SurveyMonkey integration.
  • 檢視您自己以及別人與您分享的調查問卷收集器
  • 檢視您的使用者資訊
  • 檢視所選答案及相關回覆
  • 檢視您自己以及別人與您分享的調查問卷
  • 檢視您所屬的團隊
  • 檢視 Webhooks 以便在帳戶變更時接收通知
  • Create and edit webhooks to receive notifications when there are changes in your account
  • 檢視您帳戶中的調查問卷是否有人回覆,以及他們的中繼資料


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