Integrate SurveyMonkey with your other cloud applications, no code required

Azuqua, Inc. 開發

Azuqua is a provider of cloud application connectivity that empowers business users to work more productively together by automating business processes between SaaS apps, without writing a single line of code. Azuqua’s drag-and-drop visual designer gives a business person the tools to immediately get started with creating powerful automation solutions to problems that are core to their processes. The Seattle based company has helped innovative companies like Airbnb, Charles Schwab, HubSpot, and PLZ Aeroscience to automate their business processes and perform nearly 1 billion automated actions per month. For more information, visit our website

Azuqua enables you to build a better customer experience by fully automating your NPS and customer feedback systems. For example, define criteria in systems like Salesforce, Marketo, or Pipedrive to add groups of customers to specific surveys and have those surveys send automatically. When surveys are completed, Azuqua can collect the data from SurveyMonkey, identify negative responses, notify customer success, and aggregate the data into the application of your choice for further analysis.


Synch data from new responses to your CRM
Automatically add new marketing leads to survey collectors
Integrate your ticketing tool to send out satisfaction surveys when a ticket is closed


$250/month 5 Active FLOs 1 User Access to 120+ application connectors
  • 檢視您自己以及別人與您分享的調查問卷收集器
  • Create or edit contacts in your account
  • 建立或編輯您帳戶中的調查問卷回覆
  • 建立或編輯您帳戶中的調查問卷
  • 檢視您的聯絡人和聯絡人清單
  • 檢視所選答案及相關回覆
  • 檢視您自己以及別人與您分享的調查問卷
  • 檢視您所屬的團隊
  • 檢視您帳戶中的調查問卷是否有人回覆,以及他們的中繼資料
  • Create or edit collectors for surveys in your account
  • 檢視您的調查問卷主題和範本庫
  • 檢視您的使用者資訊


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