Dear Sheenly Lighting VIP Customer:

Thank you for your company on the way to the development of Sheenly.  In order to pay back your efforts and help you further increase market share, we recently decided to develop a batch of new products.

To make sure the new products meet the needs of you and suit the local market well, we hope that you can take around 15 Mins and complete the below survey. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

* 1. Company name

* 2. Completed by

* 3. Which products do you feel very satisfied with among the products that Sheenly is offering you now? And what products do you think need improvement? How?

* 4. In the local market, what do you think are the major concerns for customers when choosing a LED product? Quality, price, warranty or others?

* 5. Which do you think are more popular in the local market among different LED categories? Industrial lighting, Office lighting, Commercial lighting or others?

* 6. On products, comparing with your competitors, what are your advantages and disadvantages?
And what support do you need from SHEENLY to help you stand out and further expand your market?

* 7. What are the best-selling products in your company? And customers’ feedback on these products?

* 8. If Sheenly decides to support you in developing a new product right now, what do you want us to develop?  Why? The ideal price range you want?

Your opinions are more than valuable to us as you are in the frontline and have a keener observation of the local market. We’ll do the rest of work and the new product line will be finalized based on your opinions along with some other factors.

Thank you again for your time!  Your ideas matter.