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You’ve got ideas. Big ideas. About new ads, products, marketing messaging, and more. But how do you know whether you’ve got a winning concept that’ll boost sales?

We asked 500 marketing professionals how they know which of their ideas will be successful. And while the vast majority agreed that testing is important, we were surprised at how few had the time and money to consistently test.

Last year, we showed you how SurveyMonkey Audience uses surveys to test new ad concepts before launch. Since then, we’ve been hard at work perfecting our survey methodology to develop a scalable, repeatable process for creating sound concept test surveys for just about anything—including ads, images, book covers, product ideas, just to name a few.

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需知 1: 專注在客戶身上,而不僅是問題上

Often–especially when companies are really busy–the customer is lost and is replaced by the issue. The customer, in other words, becomes anonymous, and your customer service reps focus on the problem. Unfortunately, when this occurs, your customers are not given the customer care they deserve; instead, they are shuffled through the queue, with the issue checked off as “resolved” or “follow-up.”


超過 4 百萬人使用 SurveyMonkey,包括財富 100 強中的所有企業。以下是他們其中一些人的意見。

「我們在全美有 62 個分會。如果我們想要收集各分會、職員及志願者的訊息,我們就會使用 SurveyMonkey 調查問卷。」

「我有一半的工作都是在做評估,而我完全依賴 SurveyMonkey 幫我完成工作。它幫我節省了時間。書面調查問卷的表格式結果曾經要花掉每位醫師至少一個小時的時間。現在只需要 5 分鐘。」